Ariana Grande has fun at Ballermann! - PROMIS UND DU!

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Ariana Grande has fun at Ballermann!


ARIANA GRANDE has fun at Ballermann!

What's going on in Mallorca
speaks up to Hollywood.
This is where America's most famous teenage pop star
checks out the infamous Amusement Mile.
Signed on the original by Ariana Grande.

This very personal star souvenir is new on the market!
A must for every true Ariana Grande fan
and her songs!

NOT available at Ikea, Walmart
or other discount department stores!
Makes also a COOL gift for every occasion!
New import in immaculate condition!

Brand-new in flawless condition!
40x30 cm (15.75"x11.81")
Frame not included.
Printed in supreme quality!

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