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Kylie Jenner mural


KYLIE JENNER coaches you!

This inciting decoration of successful Kylie Jenner
motivates you right away in the morning,
to be thriving and effective today!
Kylie Jenner is only 21,
owns her own cosmetics company,
has been a happy mum since February 1, 2018,
and already has about 820 million self-earned (!)
Euros in her account!
Signed on the original by Kylie Jenner.

This very personal star souvenir by Kylie Jenner
embedded in a masterpiece by Dalí
is new on the market!
A must for every real Kylie Jenner fan!
NOT available at Ikea, Walmart
or other discount department stores!
Also makes a great gift!

40x30 cm (15.75"x11.81")
Frame not included!
Printed in supreme quality!

Order right now:!

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