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Pope Francis at the "Last Supper"


POPE FRANCIS and the Last Supper –
wall decoration from Vatican City.

The parents of His Holiness, Pope Francis,
were Italian immigrants who already in his early years
introduced him to the arts.
Pope Francis admires all great artists,
especially Leonardo da Vinci.
One of his favorite artworks is “The Last Supper”.
Signed on the original by Pope Francis,
and stamped with the official crest of the Vatican,
on March 13, 2013!

This meaningful mural
will certainly enrich your home,
but is also a GREAT gift
for somebody close to your heart!
Not just for Christmas!

New Import in flawless condition!
40x30 cm (15.75"x11.81")
In pristine condition!
Frame not included.
Printed in supreme quality.

Order right now: promisouvenirs@gmail.com!

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